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Executive summary
Description of business
Business products and serveries
Marking activities
Business operation
-Productivity and performance targets for key result areas (consultation with key stakeholder)
- Include financial and non-financial performance measures
- Detail resource requirements, including human resources, capital equipment and other sources required achieving business goals.
Management and organisation structure
Financial background
-Trading to date
Risks (risk analysis)
-Include a section on how will ensure skilled labour is available to implement the plan ,such as a recruitment or training strategy
1. Include any permits or licenses required.
Communication strategy

A fast track courier is a courier company operating in a New South Wales for the last 15years.
Heir primary business function is delivering medium to large size packages across metropolitan Sydney. The business has a good reputation in the marketplace for reliability &value of money. Although sales & pro²ts have increased each year by an average of 5%, the owners are looking to move forward by delivering to regional areas in NSW.
Description of the business
Fast Track Couriers is courier company operating in NSW for the past 15 years, delivering medium to large size package across metropolitan Sydney. The organisation is family owned, with three family members acting as a Management Board and responsible for approving all business decision.
Business products and serveries * Delivering medium to large size package across metropolitan Sydney. * Load and unload heavy packages with 2 experienced drivers. * Delivering including regional routes.
Marketing Activities
The company has been marketed through direct sales, telephone, internet listings and mail outs. Through a program of telephone follow up to ensure customers’ ongoing satisfaction with the business, Fast Track Couriers has an admirable 87% retention rate for existing customers.
Business operation
The company maintains good communication with employees via email for head office employees, and a printed monthly newsletter for drivers. The company also provide information regarding policies and procedures through employee manuals that are kept in each truck. Office- based staff can access copies of these manuals in the office.
All track are fitted with a GPS system to assist drivers in navigating to each pickup and drop off location. Trucks are also assigned a PDA that provides drivers with the details of each delivery, and records when a job starts and finishes. The data from this device is sent back to head office to complete productivity reporting.
Fast Track Couriers currently allocates two drivers per truck for lifting heavy goods purposes. Drivers are now * covered by an award * salary $45,000 per annum
Head office employees are covered under individual contracts. Their salary ranges from $32,000- $ 75,000 annum.
Management and organisation structure
The organisation is family owned, with three family members acting as a Management board and responsible for approving all business decisions. * Managing Director – responsible for daily operational management decisions. * Logistics Manager- responsible for the scheduling of the trucks and drivers. * 20 truck rivers. * 5 office support employees- responsible for administration, accounts, human resources and sales.
The organisation strategic goal is to grow the business and increase business profits over the next three years by expanding delivery routes to include regional NSW. The profit is to increase by 40% in the next three years.
The strategy going forward is to remove the need for two drivers per tuck by installing an automatic lift gate on the back of each truck, at a cost of $ 10,000 per truck, thus only one driver is needed per truck, as no heavy lifting will be required.
This will allow Fast Track to purchase 10 new tracks and use the existing drivers for regional.
Financial background
Each new truck will cost $60,000, including installation of an automatic lift gate). The money to purchase the trucks will be borrowed from the bank on a business loan. Annual sales | Current sales | Estimated sales | $17 million | $22 million |

Annual net profit | Current net profit | Estimated net profit | $1.9 million | $3.2 million |

Increased costs | Loan repayment | Operating costs(fuel,servicing etc) | +$200,000 per annum | +$2.2 million | Administrative cost | Labour costs | +$100,000 | NIL |

Drivers are typically negative about change. They have, in the past done their best to block any changes from being implemented; even going to the lengths of threatening strike action and getting the Union involved to assist in resolving the issue. Many drivers also resented having to learn how to use the device and thought it was a waste of time.
Few opportunities to participate in learning and development programs due to being on the road, however, have shown very little to no interested.

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