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Customer service is not a new idea. What is new is the growing prominence and frequency of exercising good customer services, particularly those involving large numbers of participants. As the prominence of customer services increases, it is sometimes unclear precisely how customer in planning process helps organisation make better decisions. I suppose it is our job then to investigate, identify, and assess the needs of customers in our planning process. And design the consultation process accordingly.
Customer service is linked to the measurement of customer satisfaction. As a company we should be able to identify the gaps between what customers expect or need from the organization and the service they feel they are actually receiving.
In the context of delivering quality services, there should be a process of planning that permits and promotes the two-way flow of information between customers of commercial services and our organisation. Implementing a planning process also makes customers more aware of the services we at Thales Australia provide.

Goal and Objectives
To discover customers’ opinion of the services they receive from our company and the way these services are provided.
The objectives of our planning process may range from sharing information to developing and implementing solutions to a problem. All participants must understand the objectives of the planning process from the outset.

Quality Services -

Consult customers in order to
• seek improvements to delivering quality services;
• increase their satisfaction with the service rendered;
• Better understand their needs for and expectations of the services we provide;
• help them understand the services we provide;
• manage their expectations where these exceed the organization's limitations or mandate; and
• accommodate their...

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