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Bsbwor501B Assignment 1 - Fynntown City Personal Development Plan

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Assessment Coding Assessment of this program of study is based on competency based principles. S = Satisfactory NS = Not Satisfactory Students who fail to perform satisfactorily for the assessment in the prescribed date may be assessed as ‘not satisfactory’. You are required to be assessed as ‘Satisfactory’ on completion of Assessments assigned by your assessor for this unit of competency.

Re-assessment Any re-assessment is conducted as soon as practicable after you have been informed of the requirement to be re-assessed and have been given the opportunity to be re-trained and assimilate the training. You are re-assessed in only the areas assessed NS. It is at the assessor/s discretion to re-assess the entire assessment should it be demonstrated an overall understanding of this unit has not been achieved. Students that are assessed “satisfactory” after re-assessment of areas deemed NS will achieve competency for this assignment.

|I acknowledge the assessment process has been explained and agree to undertake assessment. I am aware of Careers Australia’s appeals |
|process, should the need arise. I also understand that I must be assessed as ‘satisfactory’ in all parts of the assessment to gain a |
|competent result for this unit of competency. I declare that the work contained in this assessment is my own, except where acknowledgement of|
|sources is made. I understand that a person found responsible for academic misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action (refer to |
|student handbook). |
|Student Signature: |Date: ______...

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