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Bsg Game Memo

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Post-Game Memo
By: Kristine Keith
BA 4503-01
Business Policy and Strategy
November 5, 2012

Real World Application

There are many ways the BSG experience can be used in the real world. The biggest lesson I learned was adaptability. The results of each year of the game were unpredictable. It was difficult for me not to rely on the projected numbers when adjusting our decisions, but I learned early on that those numbers were based on how other companies had performed in the past. With this in mind, after each year’s results were posted, I had to adjust my strategy to adapt to the industry changes. I believe this to be a skill that will help me tremendously in all aspects of my career, and especially in the first five years. The first few years of any job is filled with situations that call for adaptability. For example, I am starting a new job in January. I will be in a similar position, but all companies operate differently. Because of this, I will have to adapt my skills to best fit the new environment.

Another example of a real world application is the collaboration of teams. I do not know about all industries, but the accounting industry works almost completely in teams. At Gaylord, I work in a team of eight people. I am already experiencing how important it is to know how to work in teams. This type of working environment increases accountability because your work does not only reflect on you, but also on your teammates. I expect this class to improve my team-working skills.

Creating a strategy is an important skill learned throughout this game. This is something that did not come easy to learn. I had no experience with this topic in any anther class during my time at Lipscomb. Crafting a strategy requires thinking on a much deeper level. It also requires brainstorming, planning, and implementing the...

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