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Bshs/305 Foudation of Human Services Week 1 Sheet

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Foundations of Human Services Worksheet

Answer, in a 50- to 100-word response, each of the following questions:

1. Identify the four themes of human services. • Problems in living: human beings are not always able to meet their own needs and human services has developed in response to the need.

• The growing number of problems in the modern world: Human services has emerged in response to the growth in humans problems in our modern world.

• Self-sufficient: empower clients to make decisions and assume responsibility for their actions.

• Social care, social control, and rehabilitation: assisting clients to meet their social needs who cannot provide for themselves and whoever once able to live independently becomes unable to function socially, physically, or psychologically.

2. Identify professional disciplines that influence human services.

Professional disciplines that influence human services are: mental hospital, social philosophies, probation and jail, and treatment of people with mental illness, child welfare. These have been influent on human services. The disciplines allows human services professionals to understand how different aspects of culture and life affect individual (according to text book)

3. How have societal viewpoints concerning mental illness or health influenced human services over the past three centuries?

Over the past three centuries, The societal viewpoints has developed a lot. Before the 19th century, the treatment of mental illness was not given much attention. Mental illness was not even considered as a medical problem. Determining insanity was the duty of officials like church wardens and governors and not of medical professional.

In this society right now, mental illness has been taken care of as one of emergency…...

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