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Bshs Journal Entry Week 2

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Journal Entry II
BSHS 401
October 14 2013
Darla Roberts

Journal Entry II
October 14, 2013
After reviewing the second community resource in my city I have stumbled across one similar resource but they service different illnesses. (ACR) which stands for access care and resources for health is a non-profiting organization that focuses on the prevention of the spreading of HIV/AIDS while providing supporting services that focus on education of the illness. The organization usually services families that may have a member that is trying to deal with the illness that they have; the organization helps people not feel so bad about it and allow them to understand that it is not the end of the world. The goal of this community resource is to prevent the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, provide support to people and families that are living with someone that may have the virus, and lastly to promote the understanding of the how people catch this illness and ways that it could be prevented.
Normally an organization such as this one is heard about through word of mouth or recommended to by a social worker. Considering the fact that this organization is a non-profiting one, the client does not have to worry about prices which makes it much easier to help those that need it. Special care is given to those that are already infected with the virus.
I think that I would recommend this organization to people because if there was a better awareness of what this disease could do to you, many would not even want to have sex unprotected. I am not saying that this would completely put an end to the problem that we are having with the spread of the illness but it would help get the numbers down a bit. People are normally afraid of what they do not know or understand so if we could educate the youth or even those that are being released from jail, about the...

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