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Bshs325 Bullying Report

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Matthew Lindsay

Bullying- Bullying is an issue today with children at an early age and can continue through adult years. Bullying is about power and control with a person. A person who thrives on power preys on the week like a person with low self – esteem. This type of behavior can last though a person’s adult years.

Bullying is an issue and has been an issue for centuries. With the study of human development it is an issue because it can lead to depression, substance abuse, suicide, and can effect a student’s learning and development and sometimes lead to safety issues for an individual or a group. Bullies have been around for generations, but in recent years experts have realized that bullying has long term effects both for the victims and the bullies. Bullying violates a section in the Unites Nations Universal Declarations of human rights. Also medical associations released a statement in 2002 declaring bullying a public health problem, because of its long term effect long term mental health results.

There are three types of bullying, which are physical bullying, direct bullying and indirect bullying. Physical bullying is bullying by use of physical force, which is prevalent in schools. This type of bullying may involve spitting on a person, shoving, punching, and kicking. The aggressor in this case is usually physically larger than the victim or maybe within the group. Direct bullying would be a verbal which incorporates the use of words to carry out an act of bullying. This type of bullying the bully tries to verbally upset the victim though out taunting and teasing. Indirect bullying would be emotional bullying....

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