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Introduction: Macy’s Inc.
Quality Management Related Problem: Customer Service over the phone and within the store front. Employees need to be visible and provide more customer service. Customer service is very vital and it goes a long way. Macy’s has great vendors and partnerships and there is quality within those 2 important factors. However, the customer service factor overall is lacking and it falls short. Great customer service brings customers back for more.
Recommended Direction to Implement/Quality Management: The recommended direction is to revamp their customer service techniques and strategies. Starting with upper management and working the system all the way down, keeps everything in perspective with the support of upper management. Macy’s employees will also need to see this change being supported by upper management. We perceive change by seeing in order to support and believing. Changing with the times keeps organizations above water; with changes new approaches and strategies must be evaluated and implemented. In the retail industry, organizations who are consistent and lead take risks however they set a forecast report. This report gives them a heads up on planning for the next season and what decision needs to be made to keep their organization relevant.
This course paper will show you how Macy’s is a steady leader within the retail industry, how they are consistent as a company, how they build their partnership, quality in their venders, along with a SWOT analysis. This paper will also will bring enlightenment on Macy’s Voice of the Customer (VOC) and how a powerhouse organization do have some complaints and situations that does not agree with the Macy’s Inc., mission.

Macy’s: A History
No one would have guessed that the small, fancy dry goods store that opened on the corner of 14th Street and 6th Avenue in New York City in 1858…...