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Btec Business Level 3 Unite 1 the Business Environment P 1

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Leyton Sixth Form College
The type of business - a local business which means the business only can find in the local area. Public business: Leyton Sixth Form College located in the London Borough of Waltham Forest, and it is a public organisation which means that it’s owned by the government.

The aims of the business: • Treating others with equality in the college learning environment • Be supportive to all students within the college • Give students the best teaching every term
The objectives of the business: • Give chances to every students to reach their goals by the end of this term • Provide everything students may need during their academic year in 2015 • Enhance the courses pass rate in LSC by 1% in the end of 2015
The sector of the economy the business operates in - It is in the tertiary sector because it provides services to students such as library services.
The ownership of the business - LSC is a public organisaton in a public sector, it is also owned by the government, and therefore the debts will be paid by the government. If they have any debts it will only be paid within the things of the business and not with the owners’ property.

Jaguar Land Rover
The type of business - an international business which means the company set up branches cross at least two countries or more. Jaguar Land Rover is a multinational automotive company, its headquarter located in Whitley, Coventry UK.
Private business: Jaguar Land Rover is a private business owned by the Indian car maker Tata Motors. The aims of the business: • Always provide a car service and make a profit by selling cars to car dealers • To become the one of the major cars manufacturing facilities in the world • Expand its business into all Asian countries to increase more profits
The objectives of the business: • Be actively participating in a number of events, try to...

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