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Btec Hnd in Business Environment Silviu Daniel Varvara

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BTEC HND in Business - Level 5 Unit 3: Organisations and Behaviour

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Statement of Authenticity: I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own. Where the work of others has been used, has been used to support my work and credit has been acknowledged.

Task 1 1.1 You are required to select any two companies from UK energy industry to compare and contrast the different organisational structures and culture with another company from the same industry. 1.2 Explain how the relationship between structure and culture can impact on business performance of the first organisation you have selected 1.3 Also discuss the factors which influence individual behaviour at your first organisation that you have chosen. Task 2 2.1 Compare the effectiveness of different leadership styles with another business organisation in the same industry. 2.2 Also explain how the management functions, managerial roles and management authorities will underpin their practice of this company management. 2.3 You need to evaluate the different approaches to management used by the both organisations concerned in this task.

Task 3 3.1 You have to discuss the impacts on different leadership styles on organisational motivation throughout the change of periods in the first organisation you select in the task 1. 3.2 You need to compare application of two different theories within your work place in the same organisation. 3.3 Evaluate the usefulness of these motivation theories for the managers in your organisation concerned in this task.

Task 4 4.1 Explain the nature of groups and group behaviour within the…...

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