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Btm5000 Assignment 6

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This assignment requires the evaluation of two journal articles provided within this week's coursework. After reviewing the material provided, the student evaluated each article and completed an annotated bibliography for each. The annotated bibliographies listed not only cover the specific questions that should be considered, but also suggests the review of resources provided in the reference page. The student learned the importance of carefully reading scientific papers, and ensuring that annotated bibliographies provide enough information to assist the student with future assignments. Below are the two annotated bibliographies for review.

Annotated Bibliography
Kozub, R. M. (2010). An ANOVA Analysis Of The Relationships Between Business Students' Learning Styles And Effectiveness Of Web Based Instruction. American Journal of Business Education, Vol. 3 Issue 3, 89-98. Retrieved from

This article investigates the impact and relationship that exists between learning styles and the effectiveness of business student performance in a web based learning environment. It evaluates how web based learning has gained acceptance within education, and the prevalence of online degree programs. With the variation in learning styles, this paper provides educational instructional designers with concepts to better serve online students. The study is comprised of 159 undergraduate students in Taxes and Personal Finance courses, who volunteered and receive extra credit points. The methodology included two PowerPoint presentation's designed web-based instructional modules. The interactions of students with courses designed in web based course development platforms was criticized by Tufte (2006), however there was no substantial evidence provided to support his findings. The ANOVA analysis...

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