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Chatime The target market is the basis for creating a marketing mix to satisfy the needs of the market. It is the in-depth research into the characteristics of the target market and it consist of product, pricing, promotion and place.
Based on graph above, the research found out that majority of Chatime’s customers are between the age of 18 to 22, which is 25 out of 50 persons. Other than that,the second highest range of chatime customers age are below the 18, which is 14 out of 50 persons. The target market of Chatime is probably the college age students and post graduate individuals. They are mostly from the urban areas and care about trends and enjoying good lifestyle.
A company`s product is an important variable in the marketing mix. If a company`s products do not meet customers` wants, the firm will fail unless it is willing to make an adjustments. Chatime diversify their products into several categories. There are mellow milk tea, fresh tea, coffee, chatime special mix, oriental pop tea, QQ jelly, energetic healthy juice and smoothie series. In total, there are 73 choices of drinks for customers to choose from. Besides, customers can also customize their drinks according to their likings in terms of ice options, sugar levels and choice for toppings.
Furthermore, Chatime provides comfortable lounge that features modern European which is designed by Ana Marcelo. The white and purple couches and cushion chairs give customers a calming and relaxing feel to gather and have a drink (refer to appendix1) “Being in Chatime is really about chatting and catching up with friends. In here we like customers to feel comfortable and relaxed as opposed to being in a stiff and serious hang out place,” Michael says.
Based on the graph, the average time a customer willing to wait for a custom made...

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