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1a. Buckthorn will have a faster decomposition rate rather than dogwood due to earthworms have a correlation that help speed up decomposition and will add nutrients to the soil. By having the worms it helps speed up the overall process of everything. 1b. How long the leaves are on the ground, how far are the leaves decomposed, how long the leaves stay on the tree, when they blossom, the structure of the leaves, colors, pigment, location of the leaves, amount of nutrients in the leaves, nitrogen, carbon, and sunlight absorbed. 1c. None of the leaves may vary they could all be able to gain the same amount of nutrients. Leaves would all decompose at same time. In a natural forest, the leaves vary in the amount of nutrients gained, this could effect the time leaves fall off the tree and could effect how fast a leaf decomposes. Also in a natural forest there are decomposers out in there and help speed up decomposition rates, rather than being all at the same rate in a plantation. 1d. The leaves may not decompose at all and rather become preserved or they may decompose fast. Most likely the leaves will get beaten up and stuck on branches and have a slow decomposition rate. 1e. Well you would expect them to vary, due to temperature change over seasons, the nutrient levels in the soil, amount of rainfall, sunlight, moisture level, species that are present, decomposers that are present to speed up decomposition rates. I would expect places that are warmer and with more moisture such a Virginia to have a higher decomposition rate rather than places in New York or Carthage. I would expect these two places to be very similar and not have much difference in decomposition rates, but it could be different as the New York does get more moisture from the ocean and the Great Lakes adding to precipitation. It all really comes down to moisture and precipitation. 2i. Mass that was lost in the decomposition it seem to be that the 100% invasive species had the most mass lost and the 75% native and 25% invasive lost the least amount of mass. 2ii. So, this was the average of the mass lost of the three data sets collected. There are 5 different average total lost, this makes it easier to look and summarize the data to see where the most mass was lost and which one retained the most. 2iii. This was determined by the average of mass lost divided by the number of days. This is to determine how much is decomposed per a day.

2iv. This was determined by the natural log of average mass remaining divided by 100 divide that by number of days divided 365. This is to determine decay rate per over a year. 3. Ferrum College, Virgina - did both Aquatic and Terrestrial Macalester College, Minnesota- only aquatic Augustana College Illinois - did both Aquatic and Terrestial SUNY, New York- did only terrestrial Rogers State, Oklahoma - did only terrestrial Carthage College, Wisconsin - Terrestrial only

Decomposition Curves for Black Cherry and Buckthorn in Aquatic Envirionment
120 Liter Mass Remaining (g)




0 0 37.5 75.0 Days 112.5 150.0

100% N

100% N

4. The Buckthorn has a faster decomposition rate than black cherry. This holds true because the slope of the line is steeper than the black cherry. Yes, they are able to gain and take more nutrients away from the other native species. With a shorter amount of days for decomposition it’s able to gain those nutrients.

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