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Buddhist Temple

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Buddhist Temple Complex
Ramu, Cox’s Bazaar

Tabassum Ahmed Department of Architecture North South University


Buddhist Temple Complex
Ramu, Cox’s Bazaar

A Design Dissertation submitted to the Department of Architecture in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch) in the Faculty of North South University, Dhaka. The textual and visual contents of the Design Dissertation are the intellectual output of the student mentioned below unless otherwise mentioned. Information given within this Design Dissertation is true to the best knowledge of the student mentioned below. All possible efforts have been made by the author to acknowledge the secondary sources information. Right to further modification and/or publication of this Design Dissertation in any form belongs to its author. Contents within this Design Dissertation can be reproduced with due acknowledgment for academic purposes only without written consent from the author.

Tabassum Ahmed 083163010 Dept. of Architecture North South University Dhaka 2012


Dedication To the Buddhist community of Ramu


I am thankful to Allah for giving me patience and strength to cope with the everyday hurdles in this whole journey of architecture. My deepest gratitude extends to my faculty, Dr. Shayer Ghafur for his constant guidance and support throughout this dissertation. I am thankful to Professor Haroon Ur Rashid for helping me to understand this project and Architect Ismat Hossain for encouraging me about this project from the very first stage. I would like to thank the temple restoration committee, especially Shreemad Satyapriya Mohathero who has been kind enough to give me information about the Buddhist community and share their history, even in such a distressed time. In addition, I am grateful to Mr. Dippen Barua and Mr. Rajesh...

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