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Chapter 1 The strategic importance of human resource development

We start this chapter by examining the reasons why human resource development has become a critical part of an organization’s competitive capabilities, and explaining why people are important in organizations. We will also discuss how human resource development has changed over time, and why it is important in the modern competitive arena. The next section explores how human resource management has been modified to reflect the step changes in markets and production requirements over time. We will describe the nature of the changes to major business eras, leading to an appreciation of how skills requirements have reflected these major changes. After explaining what is meant by strategy, the third section develops key strategic issues in human resource development. We will also investigate how human resources can play a profoundly important part in developing and implementing strategy within an organization. Next, the emergence of human resources as a strategic issue is explored in greater depth. This section explains the critical differences between many Western firms’ and Japanese approaches to human resource development. We will show that human resource development needs to be in place alongside other important human resource issues, including industrial relations, and describe how human resources can become part of the core competence of an organization.




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Human Resource Development The final section looks at how some firms have developed a set of best practices, thus enabling reconfiguration in order to improve performance in innovation, quality and other important competitive variables. We will explain some of the key requirements in developing best practice in human resource...

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