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Budget Battles

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Budget Totals
Old budget was $3748.1268 billion
($2673 billion in spending, $1075.1268 billion in tax expenditures and cuts).
New budget is $3546.46 billion
($2677.6 billion in spending, $868.86 billion in tax expenditures and cuts).
You have cut the deficit by $201.67 billion.
Your new deficit is $199.33 billion.
Spending ($2677.6 billion: increased $4.6 billion)
Military Spending ($401.49 billion: cut $44.61 billion)
$95.91 billion ..... Military personnel
Cut $10.65 bil. from base of $106.572 bil.(-10%)
$138.26 billion .... Operation and maintenance
Cut $15.35 bil. from base of $153.619 bil.(-10%)
$72.75 billion ..... Procurement
Cut $8.08 bil. from base of $80.836 bil.(-10%)
$61.32 billion ..... Research, development, test and evaluation
Cut $6.8 bil. from base of $68.129 bil.(-10%)
$14.53 billion ..... Military Construction, Family Housing and Other
Cut $1.61 bil. from base of $16.145 bil.(-10%)
$16.19 billion ..... Atomic Energy Defense Activities
Cut $1.79 bil. from base of $17.990 bil.(-10%)
$2.53 billion ...... Defense Related activities
Cut $0.27 bil. from base of $2.814 bil.(-10%)

Iraq and Afghanistan Operations ($86.06 billion: cut $25.78 billion)
$84 billion ........ Military Operations
Cut $20.99 bil. from base of $105.0 bil.(-20%)
$2.06 billion ...... Reconstruction aid
Cut $4.78 bil. from base of $6.851 bil.(-70%)

Military Retirement ($138.58 billion: increased $23.1 billion)
$49 billion ........ Military retirement
Increased $8.17 bil. from base of $40.832 bil.( 20%)
$43.61 billion ..... Income security for veterans
Increased $7.27 bil. from base of $36.338 bil.( 20%)
$3.88 billion ...... Veterans education, training, and rehabilitation
Increased $0.64 bil. from base of $3.236 bil.( 20%)
$41.22 billion ..... Hospital and medical care for veterans and retired military
Increased $6.87 bil. from base...

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