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Budget Planning

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M6: Assignment 1 – Budget Planning Explain the following statement and provide an example of how this has been seen in practice: Being significantly under-budget is as bad as being over-budget; we need to come in exactly as planned… One of the key distinct purposes of budgeting is planning. Planning involves developing goals and implementing strategic measures to ensure that these goals are achieved. Being significantly under-budget is a key indication that management has not orchestrated an effective planning process prior to preparing the budget. The variance between being under or over-budget is a signal to management that revenues or spending did not go according to plan. When the variance represents under-spending, it illustrates that resources could have been allocated in other areas to influence more revenue and also to obtain more balanced income statement. In module 5, the company Sweet Technology Company Ltd. is used an example of the effect of change on budgeting and planning. Their company operates on a just-in-time (JIT) system in order to fill the needs for their HDMI cables. If planning for their production budget is properly executed, the company reduces the cost of holding too much excess inventory, as well as the cost of capital to pay for purchases. A balanced production budget illustrates that management has carefully estimated and planned for the number of expected orders of their product. If Sweet Technology is ever under-budgeted for production, it’s an indication that sales have in-turn, significantly decreased and that their resources should be allocated to marketing and researching the cause of the decrease. Companies that are financially savvy perform a variance analysis to identify the reasons that actual figures were over or under-budget. It allows them to either take corrective actions to reduce variances in the future, or so...

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...One approach advocates improving the budgeting process and primarily focuses on the planning problems with budgeting. The other advocates abandoning the budget and primarily focuses on the performance evaluation problems with budgeting. This paper provides an overview and research perspective on these two recent developments. We discuss why practitioners have become dissatisfied with budgets, describe the two distinct approaches, place them in a research context, suggest insights that may aid the practitioners, and use the practitioner perspectives to identify fruitful areas for research. INTRODUCTION udgeting is the cornerstone of the management control process in nearly all organizations, but despite its widespread use, it is far from perfect.1 Practitioners express concerns about using budgets for planning and performance evaluation. The practitioners argue that budgets impede the allocation of organizational resources to their best uses and encourage myopic decision making and other dysfunctional budget games. They attribute these problems, in part, to traditional budgeting’s financial, top-down, commandand-control orientation as embedded in annual budget planning and performance evaluation processes (e.g., Schmidt 1992; Bunce et al. 1995; Hope and Fraser 1997, 2000, 2003; Wallander 1999; Ekholm and Wallin 2000; Marcino 2000; Jensen 2001). We demonstrate practitioners’ concerns with budgets by...

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Costs of Project of $2,100,000 and $780,000 for plant equipment.   At this point it would appear that with a proposed budget limit of $2,750,000 set by the company’s Board of Directors that we are on target with an estimated total budget of $2,633,532 for the Huntsville Plant Project. As you can see we don’t have very much room (budgetary) for any missteps therefore, it will be necessary for very member of the team monitor and control individual budgets and areas of responsibility. Within the Huntsville project is divided into key project phases and probably the most important phase to ensure the success of the entire project is the planning phase. There a few critical deliverables that must be completed within the ten weeks set aside for planning.   Just to point out a few key “must happens” such as; procure the plant’s worksite, obtain all needed permits and approvals and the selection of an general contractor not to say we can relax or slack on any part of the project’s tight budget and schedules, again the planning phase is only ten weeks with a budget of only $285,754 the project’s first test. After the planning phase is the preparation phase were the project is really defined and it is critical to the success of the project that the entire team stay focus on their assigned tasks and the big picture, completion of the Huntsville project on budget and on schedule.   We have a budget of $1,822,442 and 47 weeks to prepare the worksite and complete building the new plant.  ......

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...Budgeting Is a Key Component in Management Short and Long Term Planning I agree the statement "Budgeting is a key component in management short and long term planning." Budgeting could let us have a well plan list of our upcoming event’s expenses as well as our current and financial plan. By planning our budget we could also have a better view of our current and future’s expenses cum revenues. Having a budgeting plan company would also be able to identify out if there is any problem occur with the company’s financial states. Limits, expenses limits it’s a definitely need in companies which budgeting helps to show our current assets, cash and how much amount does the company may afford to expend or do investment in their business. Having this budget planning companies will be able to keep track and stay within their calculated budget’s limits. Companies wouldn’t overspend with the list of guidelines; we could use budgets as a guide. In business, budgets help you determine how much money you have and how you will use it, and help you decide whether you have enough money to achieve your financial goals. As part of a business plan, a budget can help convince a loan officer that you know your business and have anticipated its needs. Budgeting may possibly be an advantage for a company to have, as it can help a company on financial and its strategy.   In order to make the most effective use of your budgets, you will want to establish reporting devices. These will......

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...Rhonda Moore According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, a budget can be defined as “the amount of money that is available for, required for, or assigned to a particular purpose”. Many people think of budgeting as something to do when they're short on cash. College students might turn to a budget to figure out how to make due with their high expenses and limited incomes.  Two purposes for budgets are planning and control. Planning is a way of constructing the budget to meet the pre determined goal and, it also controls the feedback system to ensure proper execution of the plan. The advantages of budgeting are communication of management plan in the organization, provides guidelines for managers to think and plan for future, allocate resources, uncover bottle necks, co-ordinate activities for entire organization and provide benchmark for evaluation of future performance. Typically budgets can be prepared annually, and they can represent a company’s plan in specific, quantitative terms. A budget can help companies plan for the future. So companies can also take advantage of a budget by shaping the well-organized line for making money and increasing assets. “A budget may span any period of time. It may be short-term (one year or less, which is usually the case), intermediate (two to three years), or long-term (three years or more). Short-term budgets provide greater detail and specifics. Intermediate budgets examine the projects the company currently is......

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...Profit Planning (Budgeting) Learning Objectives 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. understand the budgeting process prepare a sales budget and a schedule of expected cash receipts prepare a production budget prepare a direct materials budget, including a schedule of expected cash disbursements for purchases prepare a direct labor budget prepare a manufacturing overhead budget prepare a selling and administrative expense budget prepare a cash budget prepare a budgeted income statement 10. prepare a budgeted balance sheet Planning and Control Planning -- involves developing objectives and preparing various budgets to achieve these objectives. Control – involves the steps taken by management that attempt to ensure the objectives are attained. ACCT5243 Profit Planning (Budgeting) Slide 2 1 Advantages of Budgeting Define goal and objectives Communicating plans Think about and plan for the future Advantages Coordinate activities Uncover potential bottlenecks Means of allocating resources ACCT5243 Profit Planning (Budgeting) Slide 3 Responsibility Accounting; Choosing the Budget Period • Responsibility accounting: Managers should be held responsible for those items — and only those items — that the manager can actually control to a significant extent. Operating Budget 2012 2013 2014 2015 The annual operating budget may be divided into quarterly or monthly budgets. ACCT5243 Profit Planning (Budgeting) Slide......

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