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This commercial is to promote Budweiser to people who drink beer and since everyone is watching the Super Bowl it is a good time to air it. The super bowl is known for its beer commercials and Budweiser did a good job at changing the mood and connecting with not only men, but women with the touching story. The heart-warming story and song that is being played gives a more intense/emotion view to the people who watch the commercial. This commercial is different because it portrays a different type of message. The message of "Brotherhood," nothing having to do with beer but the sole purpose was to raise a horse so that he could become a Budweiser Clydesdale. Therefore the audience is the drinkers of beer which are mainly men, and they like to drink with their guys. That is what this ad was intended for to make a connection with Brotherhood. It is being said this way because; everyone that drinks Budweiser knows that their mascot is the Clydesdale horse. That’s why the used the horse in the ad. The song Landslide by Fleetwood Mac was a good song because it talks about like the artist life and triumphs they've been through and in the ad the horse and trainer had been something together.
The reasoning behind the Budweiser brotherhood super bowl commercial, is to show that Budweiser is a family style company and does have a heart. In the commercial you see a trainer raising a horse for the Budweiser company. Through the commercial the trainer and horse develop a close bond similar to that of a father and child. This emotional bond is to show the heart and soul of the company, and how it takes pride in the horses that are raised through the company farms. It is the belief that this commercial was made to inspire people to care and love for everything around oneself, due to how the trainer and horse were portrayed.
The Pathos of the super bowl Brotherhood commercial. The commercial did not have any voice overs trying to sell the brand, but instead used the feeling that is tied to animals and humans to draw a feeling of caring form the viewers. Having no voice overs I think helped draw in more of the viewer’s attention and help build on this feeling. The Budweiser Pathos is about making a link between good times and humor. By making funny and heart touching commercials they force an emotional response form the viewer that builds the ‘feeling’ of fun and caring to their brand.
The creditability of the writer is solely based on his/her knowledge of the Budweiser Company. The writer had to understand the significant of the Clydesdale horse to the company in order to use such a horse in the commercial. Also the writer had to comprehend what it means to raise a horse and how to it would impact the man’s life. To treat such an animal with love and devotion like he was part of his family and to let him go, so that he can have a better life, sometimes is the hardest thing to do. As well has the writer had to understand his audience and how he/she writes this commercial will affect them.
All in all in the commercial the man that had raised and bonded with this Clydesdale horse had decided to sale or gives him to Budweiser. As the man and horse part ways by the man staying on the farm and the horse now living with in the “Budweiser” stables, the former owner see as ad about his former buddy coming back to the hometown. The man decides to go see his protégé in the parade and questions rather he would remember him or not. After the parade ends and the connection between the man and horse aren’t made the man gets in his truck and heads out, the horse is being DE saddle the man looks in his rearview mirror and his baby, the now well-known Budweiser horse is chasing after him like back in the days. The message is that once you fall in love with one thing or person rather you haven’t had or been around it in a while you will never lose sight of what bonded and connected you to it.

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