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Buffalo Wild Wings

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Buffalo Wild Wings: Situational Analysis

Buffalo Wild Wings: Situational Analysis
Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) is a well-known restaurant chain in the U.S. that was founded in 1982 by Jim Disbrow and Scott Lowery (Whitfield, 2012). Located in 47 US states, BWW has more than 800 outlets, more than half of which are franchising (Stern, 2012). In 2010 the company opened its subsidiary in Canada. Total company’s assets have approximately $500 million (Stern, 2012). BWW restaurants specialize in chicken wings under unique sauces. The outlets also have sport bars with large menus including various salads, burgers and appetizers. For the visitors, in the restaurants big TV screens have been installed to allow everyone watch popular sports (Stern, 2012). Actually, Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants are known for their relaxing atmosphere where people come to spend free time and to eat with their families and friends.
BWW restaurants work to satisfy their customers and their attitude to the clients is reflected in their mission (Buffalo Wild Wings Marketing Plan, n.d.): “WOW people every day”. BWW’s corporate everyday activities include four major steps to achieve their mission.
The first step is guest-driven. To provide their guests with the great amount of satisfaction focusing on excellent service, food of the highest quality, enjoyable time the restaurant tries to “WOW their guests every day” (Buffalo Wild Wings Marketing Plan, n.d.). The second step to achieving the mission is the focus on the team. Employees united in a team are provided with respect, positive attitude, equal rights and opportunities. The united team is then expected to share those same values with every guest. The third step, needed to accomplish the corporate mission, is community connections. The restaurant aims to “WOW the communities” in which it operates and practices, to help...

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