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Assignment 2
Financing and Restructuring Health Care
Dr. David Tataw
HSA 500 Health Services Organization
January 28, 2012

This paper analyses the Financing and Structuring Health Care by analyzing four important notions. Firstly it Identifies and describe the three main types of health insurances in the U.S. Secondly it explains the three methods for categorizing health insurance in the U.S. This is followed by a synthesis of the pros and cons of managed health care for the health care provider, insurer, and patient. Finally the papers describe the impact of managed care on both the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

Identify and describe the three main types of health insurances in the U.S.

Rodts (2010) talks about the new Healthcare system in US and the challenges it brings for healthcare providers but there is always challenge when one has to select the certain type of health cover for himself. It is therefore important to understand main types of health insurance in the US. While Hall (2010) outlined the three different types of reinsurances brought about by the health reform, Health Insurance Info (2010) notes that are a number of different types of health insurance coverage designed to meet the needs and budget of a variety of individuals. In essence, health insurance is a risk management tool that ensures you and your family has access to the healthcare you need, when you need it without causing a tremendous financial burden. The cost of health insurance (the premium) may be higher for a policy that provides a great amount of coverage and flexibility while the premium may be lower for a policy that provides less coverage or less flexibility. There are two major categories of health care insurance the Indemnity and Managed Care Plans.
An Indemnity Plan, sometimes called a reimbursement plan, reimburses you for medical expenses regardless...

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