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- David and Price state that “students today adopted an increasingly consumerist goal for their education” (61)” in a sense that they “perceive themselves primarily as costumers, purchasing a product: a degree” (61)
- This raises the question of why students have a consumerist view on education and whether students value the learning process of obtaining a college degree
- The study indicates that most students“seek the path of least resistance to obtaining a academic degree.”
- This suggest that students may not value the learning process or the end product of knowledge to be of any importance and instead, they are only interested in obtaining a degree though the easiest method by selecting professors based on their easiness rating.
- Personally, i find this surprising - what is the purpose of higher education if it presented no challenges?
- more importantly, what is the significance of an academic degree if student's take the easier route?
- An academic degree is of special value that indicates a student's innate ability
- If all students obtain a degree by choosing the easiest path, this will devaluate the significance of an academic degree
- And thus, an academic degree will have no meaning
- Perhaps student's may need reassess their value on education and realize the importance of the learning process Although obtaining a degree is the primary goal of many students, the learning process is also of equal importance

Brinkworth first year experience
- Brinkworth et al. state that" a successful transition [from high school to university] is not solely due to academic ability but depends also on the ability to make a rapid adjustment to a learning environment that requires greater autonomy and individual responsibility". (168)
- This statement raises several question of whether there are other variables that could affect a student's...

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