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Student Name______________________________________________ S. Id No___________________________________________________ S. Phone (w)________________ (h) ____________________________

B.B.A. – General Business Concentration

S. alt. email ________________________________________________ Adviser ___________________________________________________ A. phone __________________________________________________ A. email___________________________________________________

2010-2011 Catalog
This plan is an unofficial document used for advisement only.
How to use this program plan: Write the grade for the course that satisfies each requirement. If the student takes a course that is chosen from a list of possible courses, Circle the course number taken in addition to writing the grade.

General Education: (60 hours)
GGC or Grade Course Number & Title Transfer Area A - Essential Skills: (9 hours) (“C” or better) _______ _____ ENGL 1101 English Composition I _______ _____ ENGL 1102 English Composition II _______ _____ MATH 1111 College Algebra (or higher) Area B - Institutional Option (4 hours) _______ _____ ITEC 1001 Introduction to Computing Area C - Humanities/Fine Arts (6 hours) _______ _____ Choose one from the following:

Additional Requirements (3-4 hours) Physical Education Requirement _______ _____ Wellness (1 hour) _______ _____ Additional Physical Education (2 hours)
________ ______ Regents Requirements – The requirements for US and Georgia History and Constitution can be satisfied by transfer credit of HIST 2111 OR 2112 and POLS 1101 from a University System of Georgia institution. If not satisfied, the student should work with their adviser concerning exemption exams or can take the course __US Constitution __Georgia Constitution __US History __Georgia History

Program of Study (60 hours) Grade of “C” or Better
(39 hours must be at the 3000-4000 level)...

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