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The German-headquartered Volkswagen automobile company was fined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA for exceeding the nitrogen oxide emission level, and at least 500,000 Volkswagen cars in the U.S. market were withdrawn. The point is that other violations of the environmental protection protocols by other automobile giants remained unnoticed. At that point, EPA acted unethically concerning the German-headquartered VW carmaker because it applied the double standards, violating the stakeholders' theory, which is aimed at protecting the interests of all parties like the government, businesses, and the customers. While the government was satisfied with fining VW for exceeding the nitrogen oxide emission level, other stakeholders were harmed. Thus, the carmaker and its return clients were affected in a negative way by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency EPA. The government as one of the stakeholders obviously violates the interests of other two major groups of stakeholders such as the manufacturers and the customers. In this case, the balance between the interests of stakeholder has been distorted, and the market lost the balance. Though all stakeholders have equal rights at first blush, the customers are still superior to other since they create demand in the market – the main driver of the free market economy. The main ethical challenge here is the application of the double standards concerning various carmakers. The most obvious solution of the problem must be the compliance with the deontological ethical approach, explained by the Kant's categorical imperative. EPA has to treat all carmakers equally, keeping in mind the preferences of their customers as well. Hence, EPA indirectly discriminated the VW customers in the U.S. by fining the German-headquartered carmaker. Another ethical issue here is the sequence of interests. Following the...

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