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Introduction – Overview of Australian Men 2

Overlook of Major Trends 3

Most Significant Trend 4
Emerging Consumer Expectations 5
Inspiration 6
Persona 7

Overview of Australian Men:
A stereotype existed in Australia historically in terms of masculinity and the typical Australian male. However contemporary culture has changed the typecast of the typical Australian male from strong, emotionless and rough to one more sensitive, intellectual, cultural, open-minded and well groomed (Malone 2014).
Modern Australian men are becoming highly body conscious as 82% of Australian males identified they are spending significantly more money on tending to their physical appearance when compared to premillennial habits (McCrindle Social Research 2013). This can be attributed to the increased media exposure to male specific lifestyle magazines and shows (IBISWORLD 2013). Not only are Australian males become more image conscious they are also recognizing the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles (Euromonitor 2013).
Australian men can be demographically profiled by generation, Baby Boomers being aged roughly 47-65, Generation X aged early 30’s to mid-40’s, Generation Y born between 1981 and 1994 and Generation Z those born between 1995-2009 (Holroyd 2011). Over the next five years the population of Australians over 50 is expected to grow to 8.5 million people, making up 32% of Australia’s total population (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2013). The baby boomer age cohort will therefore represent a market of 4 million Australian males (IBISWORLD 2013).
This presents them as a key target demographic for Bulldog Natural Skincare.

Overlook of Major Trends:
Australia’s ageing population presents an opportunity to increase the range of new cosmetics and personal care products specifically designed for the ageing population, including rejuvenating, anti-ageing, image enhancing, and health-maintenance products which could potentially stimulate growth within the cosmetic industry (IBISWORLD 2013, Euromonitor 2013).
Anti-ageing and similar products will be directly targeted at Australian men in order to capitalize on their desire to retain a youthful image. The demand for such products is vital to the rapid growth of this niche market within the cosmetic industry and is the main reason the segment of male toiletries is predicted to overtake male grooming in terms of sales in 2014 (Euromonitor 2013).
The demand for more naturally positioned, ethical and eco-friendly products has also become more widespread as consumers increasingly look for products containing natural and organic ingredients, which do not use animal testing. This reflects a change of attitude within Australia as the population endeavors to become more environmentally conscious (Euromonitor 2013).
UV levels in Australia are amongst the highest globally, resulting in Australia having the highest prevalence of skin cancer in the world (SunSmart Victoria 2013). This trend presents an opportunity for moisturizes and other skin care products to become dual purpose and include the maximum SPF Protection claim of 15+ (Euromonitor 2013). This is practical as the typified Australian male spends substantial time in the sun and no current dual purpose products are marketed for the Australian male.
The rise of online retailers selling cosmetic products has surged recently and is a large determinant in the overall market outlook as consumers have been able to access cheaper products more conveniently (Euromonitor 2013). Australian consumers are quickly becoming more confident when shopping online, potentially changing the way in which consumers will purchase cosmetics in the future (IBISWORLD 2013).

Most Significant Trend:
It has been determined the most significant trend influencing the appearance of Australian males is their age. As the population grows older, their influence on the development of products grows stronger (Euromonitor 2013). This is due to the increase in spending power as they progress through their career. Baby boomers have the largest discretionary income in the country and therefore the greatest purchasing power.
With age comes the desire to look younger. This is partly done through healthier lifestyles and anti-ageing cosmetics. The need to have a youthful image has led manufacturers to incorporate anti-ageing agents in addition to protective ingredients that combat the sun’s wrinkling and cancerous effects (Euromonitor 2013: 2, 3). Furthermore, the use of older models has become increasingly common as manufacturers want to better associate with their target consumer group (Euromonitor 2013: 2). Older models that retain a youthful image have a greater influence on an ageing population with the desire to look younger.
The demand for industry products is responsive to changes in real household disposable Income (IBISWORLD 2013). Therefore disposable income is an external driver for the cosmetic industry and has a direct correlation to industry sales. The baby boomer generation of 55 year old Australian’s and older possess the greatest spending power and are considered the greatest consumer buying group. The baby boomer generation is considered the largest consumption group and represents the largest proportion of industry sales at 28% followed by 45-54 year olds at 25% (see Figure A) (IBISWORLD 2013). Due to Australia’s ageing population that market will continue to grow in both size and purchasing power representing the greatest opportunity of growth. Over the next five years a wealthy and ageing baby boomer cohort and changing community attitudes to holistic wellness will be key drivers for cosmetic and toiletry industry growth.
Figure A
Figure A

Emerging Consumer Expectations:
Based on our research of Australian men, the baby boomer generation of 47-65 year old males became the most powerful demographic in regards to the Australian cosmetics industry. There are two reasons why they will be Bulldog Natural Skincare’s focus in Australia. The first reason is that the baby boomer generation aged 47-65 years of age is one of the fastest growing demographics and make up a large proportion of the existing market. Secondly, the baby boomer generation holds 40 per cent of Australia’s net wealth, their average household net wealth is in excess of $1 million, and more than half already own their house outright (Stubbs 2013). These two points highlight the baby boomer generation as having the greatest ability to buy Bulldog’s products.
The age of the baby boomers generation is between 47 and 65 and because of this, their skin condition will progressively deteriorate. Especially in Australia, as the sun’s ultraviolet rays increases susceptibility of damaged skin. After sun damage, skin is more vulnerable to bruises and tears (Whealty 2013). Therefore an emergent need exists for Australia’s men, a product with dual purpose ability, anti-ageing components and protection from harmful sun rays. Most importantly the product needs to be practical and easy to use, suiting the lifestyle of Australian men.
According to our identified needs, the next Bulldog Natural Skincare product should provide some faint cover of skin blemishes, and smooth lines and wrinkles. The main aim of these products is to help ageing men feel and look younger as this is an identified trend in modern men. Such a product will also keep the skin protected from potentially harmful sun rays, capitalizing on today’s health conscious society. Most importantly, it will continue to be produced with environmentally friendly and natural ingredients like existing Bulldog products.
It seems like there is opportunity for a product that could exploit several needs within the baby boomer generation and become a solution to several problems the modern Australian male faces. This potentially positions Bulldog Natural skincare strongly within the Australian cosmetic market for the upcoming years.

According to new market positioning and new trends in product development, new products will include the function of anti-ageing, sunscreen, rejuvenation and moisturization, using natural ingredients to meet target customers’ needs. Through the successful performance of other company’s which have similar products, our new strategy can be both feasible and profitable.
Jack Black and Neutrogena both have the successful product of moisturizers with sunscreen, which provides long-lasting moisturizing without greasy texture and offers broad-spectrum UVA, UVB protection to avoid premature ageing due to sun exposure (Neutrogena Corporation, 2014). In continental Europe, 67% of Italians, 64% of Germans, 60% of Spanish and 47% of French use moisturizers with SPF. Meanwhile, 38% of French, 53% of Spanish, 42% of Germans, and 49% of Italians use anti-ageing serum. In the US, 17% of men use anti-ageing products (Allured Business Media, 2014).
BB cream is another product that has become more and more popular among males. L’Oreal’s subordinate brand Garnier launched a successful new oil-free BB cream in 2012. Following the BB trend, L’Oreal Paris also launched a kind of BB cream containing anti-ageing, revitalift, and nude magique, with self-adjusting color technology. BB cream is a multi-purpose cream that can improve uneven skin tone, reduce grease and wrinkles, cover skin imperfections and provides UV protection (Nikita, 2014). Meanwhile, there are a variety of options for different skin tones consumers can choose from, such as oily skin, dry skin or uneven skin.
Biotherm Homme which is the market leader in men’s skincare worldwide, created a new product using thermal mineral spring water knows as Aquapower. It offers 24 hours of non-stop hydration and heightened moisturized skin during the summer and winter. Like many top brands Biotherm Homme is focusing on male anti-ageing and anti-fatigue products in order to help men get radiant youthful looking skin (Biotherm, 2014).



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