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Bullard Houses

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The ‘Bullard Houses’ simulation was a dispute negotiation between agencies of buyer and seller over a historical and prestigious heritage in the New York region. In this negotiation, the underlying interests of the principals were incompatible. One of the main issues in this case was whether to settle at all. If both agents understood and remained faithful to the principals’ interests, we should have not come to a deal. This situation brought up the general points that the best outcome of a negotiation sometimes is not to reach an agreement.
Unlike any previous simulations I got nervous as soon I sat down at the negotiation table. Knowing the fact that my partner is a masters student definitely intimidated me and started triggering a fear reaction. I would have to say this week was the most frustrating and difficult negotiation I have faced. Major problem was I was unable to fully understand the context and the information that were given to me and at some point I got extremely confused that I had to stop and rethink about what I wanted to say. People will often use age, etc., to try to intimidate you. Definitely the biggest problem here was lack of preparation. I knew that we are always restricted to time therefore we want to be comfortable analysing the context quickly and to organize the important information that needs to be assessed in the negotiation. This case required a careful analysis of the available information both before and during the negotiation. Bargaining without adequate preparation, sensing that my partner had superior bargaining power and feeling of insecurity about my ability as a negotiator led me to experience moderate to extreme levels of fear. I found myself not being able to make eye contact with my partner and was the first negotiation where fear really came into play. I should have channeled the feelings into effective responses and to...

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