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Bullied to Death

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Bullied to Death

Bullying has become an epidemic that due to technology has spread profusely during the last couple years, causing fear, severe depression, and even death. Bullying is something that has existed throughout the years, but the recent violent cases that have surfaced due to the consequences of this; is something that cannot be ignored. Such consequences include the suicide of many innocent teens as well as the acts of revenge in cases such as the Columbine shooting misfortune. The big question is, with all these tragic events taking place, who do we hold responsible? Should these students be held responsible for their actions, should the school be held responsible for not taking action and dealing with the problem from the beginning? It is more than apparent that action must be taken in order to stop this hateful violence.
Dr. Olweus, PhD, of Norway, describes bullying as “repeated negative, ill-intentioned behavior by one or more students directed against a student who has difficulty defending himself or herself. Most bullying occurs without any apparent provocation on the part of the student who is exposed. (Olweus)” The praying begins at a very young age; it can even begin in kindergarten or first grade, but the bigger targets are in middle school and high school. Usually it is for minimal reasons such as, having an accent, not dressing or looking like “others”, not being from a wealthy family, being too pretty, or just not blending in with other students. There have been numerous cases in which the parents of these tormented teens have tried to make contact with teachers and principals to put a stop to this abuse, but there has been no cooperation. The administration says that there is nothing that can be done and they have no control over this issue, so instead they turn the other...

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