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Bullying Should Not Be Taught In Schools Research Paper

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Imagine it’s nine o’clock on a Friday night and you and your best friend are in an argument. You both say things you probably shouldn’t have. Now, fast forward to Monday morning at school. You get pulled up to the principal's office and you both get in trouble for a fight between only the two of you and no one else. Not fair right? Students are badly punished for posting small comments about another person on social media when they aren’t even in school. And it is not fair for people to get in trouble for posting videos of fights because they are technically helping the administrators catch the students who actually where in the fight. Bullying leads to suicidal thoughts or actions to a person.

The first reason that students should not be punished for what they do online is because they have the resources to post what they please, although it may not be the kindest or most appropriate. Teachers should not be given the right to look through student
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According to julie Hilden, “Public school students do not shed their constitutional rights to freedom of speech or expression at the schoolhouse gate.” Holden's point is that they are allowed to post freely but not every school follows that law. Another example is when Kelly Wallace state's, “monitor students' online interactions off-campus to protect them from dangers such as bullying, drug use, violence and suicide.” What Wallace really means by this is schools are working on trying to monitor students more which means more kids will be disciplined for reasons that may seem unfair but, under certain school regulations will be completely justifiable. Students should be allowed to exercise their freedom of speech. Students are given detentions for saying anything disrespectful or inappropriate during school hours. That is justifiable reasoning behind the

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