Burger King Case Study: Obesity Concerns Product Revamp

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Burger King’s primary target customers were families where both partners were working. As the pace of American lifestyle increased, people did not find enough time to cook their meals. Because most of the fast food was quite tasty, cheap, convenient and readily available, consumers preferred them to regular meals. Even Children of up to 16 years of age played a major role and they were the secondary targets. They had the power to convince their parents to take them out to such fast food restaurants. They enjoyed specialised kids meals and were a key part of the dining experience for families. In 1990, an average of 997 commercials was aired during Saturday morning cartoon hours compared to 225 in 1987. Two thirds of these advertisements promoted candies and fast food. Also, the ‘super-size bags’ and ‘value meals’ became popular since consumers got a great quantity of food at a comparatively lesser price. Getting more for your money is ingrained in the American psyche. Consumers were getting accustomed to bigger and heartier meals as fast food was usually bundle priced i.e. a hamburger, fries and soft drink cost less if bought together than separately.

A study undertaken by “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” in 1999 revealed that 30% of US adults who were 20 years and older (59 million people) were obese and had increased their calorie and carbohydrate intake over the past 30 years. Increase in this intake resulted in an average gain of 22 pounds per year for men and 11 pounds per year for women. Health problems like cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, asthma, high blood cholesterol, breathing problems and many more could rise from obesity. There was a transition from blaming individuals to blaming society and fast food industry in particular.
Even among children, obesity was prevalent. It was found that 15% of children…...

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