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Burgertown Guerilla Marketing

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The Hottest Way to Serve Burgers


Product Description

Many Filipino, especially “men” are not satisfied in the burger they eat, even , whoppers of Burger King, burger champ of Jollibee and Big Mac of McDonalds, all of them are to expensive and not satisfying all the consumers, therefore we decided to make big, satisfying, delicious, and optimal burger.

Our group distinguishes and research about burger patties, and we discover that we can make 6 different patties, or more.

This burger use only fresh and quality ingredients to make sure that we serve a very nutritious meal to all our customers. This burger is made for the people who want to eat burger for main chores, like dinner and lunch. This is also made for the people who wants different twist in other ordinary burgers, we don’t use process burger, but instead we will use pure 100% natural in our patties, NO ARTIFICIAL an NO EXTENDER. The poppy seed bun is soft, with a home-made taste. Comes with home-made fries and coke float and served in generous proportions.

Burger town also offers rice meals for the customer who prefer for it, therefore our mini resto will also offers, like fried chickens, burger steak, and many more, but still we focusing burger industries.

Good things about this Mini Resto

➢ 100% fresh burgers ➢ Variety of flavors burgers ➢ Worthy ➢ Satisfying burgers ➢ Affordable ➢ Providing clean ambiance ➢ Properly train laborer (with experience) ➢ Good management

This burger will provide us a different taste to all other burger, you can taste the big different between other burger, so try it.

Type of consumer good – Convenient
- Because we will serve our meal fast, and we don’t want to waste the time of our customers.


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