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First, Second, And Third Degree Burns A first degree burn is an injury that affects the first layer of the skin. That first layer is called the epidermis layer. The wound description is a minor. It tends to go away in a few days. What can cause a first degree burn are sunburns, scalds, and electricity. The level of pain can increase and swells. If you want to treat your wounds at home, you must use a cool compress over it. The skin may peel as it heals and can take up to 20 days to heal. Always contact you doctor especially for electrical burns. You can sometimes have scars but they can fade away over time.

A second degree burn are injuries that affect layers beyond the first layer of skin. The layer that is damaged is called the dermis. The wound description type is extensive. Some second degree burns take longer than three weeks to heal, some takes up more. This type of degree causes the skin to blister and become extremely red and sore. Some blisters pop open, giving it a water like look. There are a lot of thing that can causes a second degree burn. One of them is a chemical burn. Pain can be exquchiating if applied with the wrong application to heal it with. To heal second degree burns, do not use cotton ball wraps and treatments made at home you think can help that you may have questions about that may or may not be safe to used. To treat it, run cool water on the wound for fifteen minutes or more. Go to the pharmacy for medication and antibiotic cream. No steroids. You can have scares from this degree. Most of them are permeant.

A third degree burn is the worst burns than the first two burns. It causes the most damage and kills all of the skins layers. It can reach and destroy the blood stream, major organs, and bones. This can also lead to death. The wound description is extensive. This is because the nerves are badly damaged and cannot be repaired. The most common causes of such a degree are burning in a fire. There is no level of pain because the nerves are badly damaged which cause people to feel nothing. Not even a huge from your love ones. The skin after this makes the skin look waxy and white, charred, dark brown, raised, and leathery. There is no healing timeline for this. You should never try to heal the damage by yourself. Always call 911 immediately. Do not get undress and make sure there is no clothing stuck to the wound. This degree can carry the most risk for complication such as infections, blood loss, and shock.

Here are some of the tips to prevent all of them:
Keep children away while cooking
Turn pot handles to the back of stove
Replace smoke detectors every ten years
Put away matches and lighters
Were sunscreen every day and avoid peak sunlight

Its important to have an escape plan to practice. During fire crawl underneath smoke to minimize the risk of passing out and being trapped in a fire.

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