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Burning Bridges

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It Is Always Wise To Never Burn Your Bridges

Have you ever known or worked with anyone that you just did not like? You see them on a regular basis and try to just tolerate them but they just get on your last nerves. Eventually you can not take it anymore and just explode and say horrible things to them. There goes whatever type of relationship you had with them, whether it be professional or personal. Regardless of the type of relationship you had, you feel wonderful about finally being able to vent out your frustration with them. Although doing this may have made things a little awkward, life does continue to exist and this is soon forgotten. Time flies, what seems to have been a lifetime has gone by. You have stumbled on hard times but you have a important job interview coming up that could change your luck. The day of your interview, you enter the manager’s office and sit down. Lo and behold! The person in charge of hiring is the person that you mercilessly verbally attacked all those years ago! A barrage of mixed emotions suddenly overwhelm you, leaving you alone with your last emotion...regret. The interview is over before it even started. I am sure everyone has experienced this in some form or another. One of the many lessons I have learned in life is to not burn my bridges. It is words I try to live by. In my essay I want to discuss with you why it is important to not burn bridges but also contrary to everything that I have been saying, why sometimes burning bridges might actually do you good.
Some people might not be familiar with the metaphor “Don’t burn your bridges”. Burning bridges literally means building a bridge to connect two places and then burning it down and not being able to cross back ever again. Same goes for relationships. You build a bond between two people either professional or personal, and then...

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