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Tarran Stubbs 12I
Family Life

Mini Career Research

The Career i Choose To Pursue Is Software Engineering. Computer software engineers apply the principles and techniques of computer science, engineering, and mathematical analysis to the design, development, testing, and evaluation of the software and the systems that enable computers to perform their many applications.Software engineers analyze user needs and design, construct, and maintain general computer applications software or specialized utility programs. These engineers use different programming languages, depending on the purpose of the program. The programming languages most often used are C, C++, and Java, with Fortran and COBOL used less commonly. Some software engineers develop both packaged systems and systems software, or create customized applications.
The Annual Salary For This Career Is From $46,192 to $98,868.

For Me To Achieve This Career I Must Obtain A Degree In Computer Science At
College. It Would Be A Better Advantage For Me If I Get A Master’s Degree in Computer Science But Its Not Necessary.

There Are Al Types Of Companies In The Bahamas That Hire Software Engineers. BTC,BEC,Banks,ZNS, Etc.

The Reason I Chose This Career Is Because I Like Computer Programming And The Development Of Software.

|So Far The Steps I Have Taken To Prepare Myself For My Career Are Researching Everything There Is About The Career.I Learn About All |
|Of The Program Languages and Processes They Go Through In The Job. |
|School Has Not Prepare Help Me For My Chosen Career Because There re Limited Options Of Classes at The School. |
| |
|Advise I Would Offer To A Teen...

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