Bus 110 Writing Assignment 5

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1) In what ways does Bezo’s decision to develop and deliver the Kindle show
systematic and intuitive thinking?

I feel that the decision Bezo made to develop and deliver the Kindle to the
market showed very forward thinking. Originally Amazon was known as a
book retailer. As the music world went digital he knew that books would be
the next thing to move forward also. To create device to load digital books
made sense. This enable Amazon to continue to be competitive grow in his
bookseller market. The Kindle was released to the market three years before
the IPad.

2) Would you describe Amazon’s position in the digital entertainment market
as certain, risky or uncertain? Why?

I think that Amazon’s position in the digital entertainment market would be
certain. I believe this because they keep improving on their products and
adding to their website. They are making it easy for the consumer to do all
their shopping at one online site. When it comes to the technology industry
for the retail market they have been able to provide the consumer what they
want before others could. I for see them to be able to continue beating the

3) Which decision errors and traps are the greatest threats to the success of
Bezo’s decision making as Amazon’s CEF and why?

I believe one of the biggest traps is that a company tries to rest on their past
history. If they want to continue to be competitive they will have to
remember how they achieve that status. I think by also selling their
competitors’ products on their website is a smart move. This will encourage
the competition consumers to come to Amazon to make other purchases.

4) What are the latest initiatives coming out of Amazon?

In 2012 Amazon purchase Kiva Systems along with more warehouse space to help improve their productivities.

5) How do they…...