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Factors that Lead to Criminal Behavior
Angela Gray
December 01, 2013
Catherine Wadbrook

People commit criminal acts because they either have a mental illness or the environment in which they were raised. Although the mentally disordered are at greater risk for committing crimes, than the average person, they are few in number and thus their crimes constitute only a very small proportion of all crimes committed. The mentally ill most at risk for committing violent acts are the homeless, those who use alcohol and other drugs, and those who do not take their medications.” Chapter 10 Minds and Crimes: Alcohol, Drugs & Mental Illness”, n.d). (pp. 33-34) Individuals living in poverty often find it hard to deal with life on a regular basis, many will choose to steal or do drugs, which can lead to them committing other crimes. Some people see committing crimes as their only option to make a living so they turn to a life of crime. People commit criminal acts because they either have a mental illness or the environment in which they were raised.
Due to family tension anyone can go as far as committing crime no matter what. Most of us have criminalistics tendencies at certain times. A child, particularly, living in a family where the emotional tension is acute as well as continuous, will become sensitized to crime. The person remembers their painful memories about their childhood memories that will result in aggression. When their conscience hasn’t been sufficiently developed they can commit a crime under pressure of certain factors. When emotional tension in the family is present in an unhealthy lifestyle it’s a breeding ground for crime. With emotional relationship between parents or siblings instigates criminalistics activities more than the economic or social position of the family. The core of crime is within the...

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