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Bus 3040 Benefits - Rei

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REI began as a group of 23 mountain climbing buddies, but is now the nation’s largest consumer cooperatives. It is a multi-channel retailer of gear and apparel for outdoor recreational activities. REI has stores located in more than 34 states.
REI embodies its values by serving and supporting its employees through programs that allow them to flourish and do their best. Employees are offered a variety of benefits and perks that show REI’s respect for its employees and their families. REI offers competitive pay and benefits such as: 401K, vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, casual dress, life insurance, disability, flexible work schedule, and educational benefits. All employees who were paid an annual salary as high as $70,000 per year had the following benefits: 401K, vacation, paid holidays, paid sick leave, casual dress, flexible work schedule. Employees with life insurance and disability made a salary as high as $82,000 annually. Employees with education benefits made salaries as high as $65,000 per year according to Pay Scale report of 2009. In addition to these benefits, REI also has an Incentive Plan, Healthcare, Family & Medical Leave, Employee Discounts and Pro-deals, Work/Life Employee Assistance, Public Transit Subsidy, Relocation Support, Sabbaticals and Adoption Assistance.
Controlling employee benefit costs can be a tricky subject for an organization such as REI. However, every business wants happy and healthy employees and this is why most organizations offer a benefits package to full-time workers such as health insurance and paid vacation and sick leave. Depending on how much REI can afford to spend on employee benefits annually, especially with health coverage, they can offer a number of flexible plans where employees can choose to spend the amounts allocated to each of them and thereby supplement the funds provided by REI

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