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|DemographicsandTrends |

Appraise the three trends described by American Demographics as “America the Crowded.” “The Mighty Mature Market,” and “The Consumer Kaleidoscope.” Explain how these trends overlap. Select a trend and describe how it has contributed to more than one of these population changes. You must use the text and at least one additional scholarly source.

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Consider different segments of the population, such as teens or seniors, and trends that you have seen influence marketing to these population segments. Review several of your peers’ posts and identify activities they did not include in their post. Respond to at least two of your peers and provide recommendations to extend their thinking. Challenge your peers by asking a question that may cause them to reevaluate their explanation of the trend they chose or add components to their thoughts on the role of demographics in marketing.

Appraise the three trends described by American Demographics as “America the Crowded.” “The Mighty Mature Market and the Consumer Kaleidoscope.” Explain how these trends overlap.

First of all we are experiencing more rapid growth in the human population. There are many thoughts on the reason for this and most hold some truth. Secondly we are seeing a larger population of senior citizens. With all of the new meds available along with more seniors exercising people are living longer which defeats the natural balance of life. The old die to make room for the new. Third is the fact that we are becoming so blended as a country that it may get to the point to where there are no races. The instance of racial blending is extremely common today.

Select a trend and describe how it has contributed to more than one of these population changes.

The trend of living longer definitely has an effect on the population as they percentage of seniors dying off has decreased over the years. People are trying to live more healthy lives and as a result they are living longer. A lot of people are choosing to start families later in life when they can better afford to do so. The problem is that since they have more money they tend to had more children than if they were younger and not as well off financially.

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