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Applied Research Technologies
Margaret Celeste Moten
Project Management – BUS 518
David Plumer
Strayer University
January 22, 2012

The Filtration Unit at Applied Research Technologies, Inc. is facing a small crisis. Management must either turn things around or dissolve the unit. This paper discusses the leadership styles exhibited by two managers, Peter Vyas and Cynthia Jackson, as they decide whether to accept a proposal for $2 million to re-launch a previously failed product. The paper then closes with a summary of my personal leadership style and a real world example of leadership in action.

Applied Research Technologies

Peter Vyas’ Leadership Style

Peter Vyas is exhibiting participative leadership. Individuals using this style of leadership place low emphasis on the task but consideration or support for the follower is high (Lewis, 2003, p. 82). Vyas’ leadership style is in line with the culture of the organization – innovation and entrepreneurship. He gives the “what” but allows the team to come up with the “how”. Vyas is concerned with high performance but he’s equally, if not more, concerned with making sure the emotional needs of the team are being met.
Participative leaders value their people and encourage them to stay involved and share their ideas. The leader actively seeks input from the team when making decisions or solving problems but retains the final say when choices are made. Research has shown that participative leadership works well “…when a team needs to think creatively to solve complex problems, improve productivity or develop a new product…” (McCrimmon, 2007). Vyas was successful at keeping his team engaged throughout the planning and development stages of their new product.
One example of this leadership style was when Vyas created a technology evaluation team and assigned them the responsibility…...