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Bus101 Introduction to Marketing and Communications

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BUS101 Introduction to marketing and Communications (MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT)

General Instructions
Your first formal assessment is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of the material from the marketing management part of the module (up to and including communication).
The task requires you to address a short fictional case.

In addressing the assignment topic you must draw explicitly on the chapters and articles noted on QMPlus. You do not need to do reading beyond the module reading list and you should not do any research into the industry, market, product, etc (just make any assumptions clear).

Assignment Brief and Backstory
You have been lucky enough to secure an internship at Once Dodgy Consultants LLP (ODC), the most prestigious and expensive of all strategic management consultancies, but also a very publicly spirited firm that spends most of its income from commercial activities helping charities and social enterprises reduce poverty and illness.

One day, you are working in your cubicle and sense a disturbance in the office, your colleagues rapidly start to disappear muttering “CEO” and “MBC file”.

You look up and are surprised to see the CEO of the consultancy leave the elevator and head to your divisional manager’s office, a red file marked “MBC BRIEF TOP SECRET” held distastefully at at arm’s length. The CEO leaves shortly afterwards. You see your divisional manager look forlornly around the office, note you as the only remaining member of staff on the floor and head your way with the file.

The divisional manager gingerly puts the file on your desk, meekly mumbles “all yours” and “sorry” and then leaves.

You open the file and start reading “Mega Bastard Corporation (MBC) is proposing to enter an exciting and innovative new product space …” Your worst internship nightmare has come true, you have been told to work on a...

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