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Information Technology Acts

BIS / 220

April 1, 2013


The Patriot Act was passed in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks. The Patriot Act was passed to give law enforcement the ability to intercept emails, phone calls, money wire transfers or anything that can be tied to terrorism funding. By this time the internet was available to everyone and was an easy way for people to keep in touch when in different countries. Because of the internet everything became faster. But because of the internet and changing technologies some systems have vulnerabilities, thus making it easier for people to hack or to do other malicious things. After 9/11 people wanted to feel safe and wanted to know the government did not stop the attacks or why did the government not know. The solution to that was passing the Patriot Act. This gave law enforcement the ability to do surveillance, roving wire taps, and getting assistance from financial institutions on their customers. It gave financial institutions a guide to follow when new customers were applying for accounts. This would deter from money laundering or any type of fraud or terrorism financial support.

The Federal Information Security Management Act or FISMA was created to protect government information from being public information. Each agency was in charge to make a way to protect their information. Agencies are to make a security feature that protects their operations information systems and any other

information that may be valuable. The government is aware of security breaches in their information system that may be possible and the harm it can do to economy and the security of the United States.

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