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Bay Area Baseball Proposal Here’s a rough draft of what I propose. I would run Bay Area Baseball as my full time job. I would start small. 2 clubs teams from Nov 2009 to August 2010. The 2 teams would be 1 13u team and 1 14u team. Both teams goals would be to have 14 players on it. I would be the Head Coach of both teams. I would have 1 paid assistant for both teams. (Please see budget attached) September 2010 evaluate if we want to expand or not. Expand slowly. I would be the Director Of Baseball and you would be the Director of the Board/President. For the first year, I would receive 55% of what the players paid as my salary. Instead of making it a set amount, 55% makes it feasible in the sense if we give any scholarships or kids don’t end up paying, etc. Starting in September 2010, you and I would evaluate how we want to expand or not and if the budget allowed me to have a set salary to be the Director Of Baseball, and coaching would be a separate pay. I would run classes, clinics, and lessons separately of Bay Area Baseball from my and we would have tabs on the website for “instruction” and that would direct them to We would run BAB camps during spring break, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Summer. I would run them and hire some coaches. We would have a payscale setup We would also run some camps where all the profit would go to me as a salary after paying bills and coaches. A % would go into the general fund as well. Cost for players: We would charge $250 fees a month which includes tournament fees. They would get 1 tournament per month, 2 weekends of games, and 1 weekend off per month. They would be required to pay first and last month fees when they signup and possibly setup an “autopay” feature. They would also pay $180 uniform fee. With that they will get 2 jerseys, 1 hat, 1 pants, 1 shirt, 1 helmet. They keep it. November and December would count as 1 month. Since we’re taking off some weeks for Thanksgiving and Christmas and we may not have enough signed up by then. Facilities: We would use Ygnacio Valley HS for our home field. I have full acces to the field if I stay as the head coach there. We could easily work around the YV schedule plus YV has one of the best HS fields in that area. We would donate 4% of our paid amount each month to YV baseball as a field rental fee. So that YV can use it for field improvements etc. 4% is about $300/month. Tryouts: We would start advertising for teams starting Oct 1. Try to have our first workouts/tryouts end of October. Start practicing mid November if we get the kids. Website: All we need to do is update the website and we’d be able to start directing traffic to it. I can help a lot with this. Coaching Staff: I would be the Head Coach and we’d find one more person to be the Head Assistant. I have a lot of people in mind that would do it. My brother for one. Also we will have Clayton Tanner on staff. 3rd Round pick of the Giants in 2006. 2nd rated left handed pitching prospect in the Giants organization. Finished this season with the 3rd best ERA in the California League helping the SJ Giants to a Cal League title. I also have tons of coaching contacts in the area. Schedule: Please see the schedule attached. In a normal 4 weekend month the schedule for games would look like this Weekend 1: Games Weekend 2: Tournament Weekend 3: OFF Weekend 4: Games From November to Feb 1 we would practice on Thursdays from 4-5:30pm at YVHS. And we would practice on Saturdays from 9am to 12noon. Games on Sundays. Unless we’re in a tournament. From Feb 1 to June 1: we would practice Wed and Fri, 5:30-7pm. Same game/tournament schedule as before. No practices on Saturday mornings. Games instead. Sundays off most likely except tournaments. The 2 teams would practice together and go to the same tournaments together. There are many of my friends who are doing this same model. It works well for 2 coaches and 2 teams. Home Tournaments: Every 2 months in the last weekend. We will host a tournament at YVHS. So that would be 3 – 13u tournaments and 3 – 14u tournaments per year. This would be a great way to have a tournament but not travel and we can bring in some income. We can have a BBQ going, and make some income for our general fund. Some of the questions I have would be: How fast can we have the website operational? Can I update it? How much inventory do you have if any? How can we setup AutoPay? I know a few teams that do this. I can’t be too hard. That way we don’t get screwed. We would have some startup costs in regards to: you might already have insurance some coaches gear registration for USSSA and Nations Baseball lineup cards, etc. Please see attached budget and sample schedule.

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