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Bus412: Development Analysis

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Development Analysis Two Mini Cases


21 June 2012

Final Project: Development Analysis Two Mini Case Studies
DeVry University Professor Mozinski, BUS412 Business Policy

Development Analysis Two Mini Cases


Mini Case 1: Bikes for the World (BfW) Challenge or Problem: The Bikes for the World organization was formed to offer valid solutions to the transportation problems facing the poor around the world. Lack of affordable and eco-friendly transportation system led founder Keith Oberg to create BfW. Oberg states he did so in order to solve two problems: to help address the developing world’s lack of affordable, eco-friendly transportation, and to help find a better use for the glut of unwanted bikes in the United States (Thompson, 2010).
(Pictured above a young boy from Nyariga, Ghana receives a Bikes for the World bicycle. Photo courtesy of the Shape Lives Foundation)

Oberg’s mission was simply to “assist poor people overseas to become more productive through providing affordable bicycles for personal transport to work, school, and health services. Secondarily, provide satisfying community service opportunities to Americans—collecting bikes and spare parts--towards realizing this primary goal of helping others overseas” (BfW, 2012). Through a goal to achieve a sustained impact both here and abroad BfW has partnered with over 600 volunteers, donors, and agencies worldwide who all share a common concern for reducing waste and helping the poor earn, learn, and live more healthy lives. Founded in January 2005, BfW made its first independent shipment in February 2005, to Honduras. In its first three years, BfW donated more than 20,000 bicycles to ten partner agencies in eight countries, as well as, to several programs serving youth and adults in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Immediately the program gained momentum and expanded quickly but...

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