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Bus430 Assignment 1

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LensCrafters Case Study

BUS 430
Operations Management

November 3, 2014

Introduction LensCrafters was founded in 1983 by a man named Dean Butler, who was a 38-year-old, who had previously worked at Procter & Gamble. He was a knowledgeable marketer. As the eyewear industry was on the cusp of radical change, there was a shift in legal decisions passed down. The Federal Trade Commission freed patient choice by compelling vision professionals to give patients their prescriptions. Butler’s vision of this optical concept promised “glasses in about an hour.” His stores were located in malls and customers could conveniently shop with other retailers while waiting for their eyewear to be completed. Today LensCrafters is the largest optical chain in the United States, and has expanded to over 850 stores in Canada, the United States, and Puerto Rico.
Operation Strategy and Competitive Priorities Being focused as the leader in the industry LensCrafters mission statement has been driven to create customers for life. They continue to lead with exceptional customer service with energizing associates, training exceptional customer service personnel and being the world’s leader for the best place to work. The technicians are skillful in perfect-quality eyewear in about an hour and drive to deliver outstanding overall value to meet each individual customer’s needs. LensCrafters is embodied in a list of core values that include nurturing individuals; building on people’s strengths; accepting and learning from mistakes; focusing on winning, not individual scoring; pushing breakthrough ideas; thinking and acting like a long-term owner; demanding highest possible quality; constantly, measurable improving; and acting with uncompromising integrity. (Bolton, 1990). The customer benefit package is the integrated set of goods and services. This is a wide range of...

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