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Bus520 Final Exam 1 and 2

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BUS520 Week 11 Final Exam 1 and 2

BUS520 Week 11 Final Exam 1 and 2

BUS520Week 11 Final Exam 1 and 2

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Question 1 According to the Ohio State leadership studies, a leader high in __________ is sensitive to people’s feelings and tries to make things pleasant for the followers.
• Question 2 __________ make(s) a leader’s influence either unnecessary or redundant in that they replace a leader’s influence.
• Question 3 According to the path-goal leadership theory, a manager is showing a participative leadership style when he/she __________.
• Question 4 According to __________ approaches, individual behavior is constructed in context, as people act and interact in situations.
• Question 5 Meindl referred to the phenomenon whereby people attribute almost magical qualities to leadership as _____________.
• Question 6 The __________ that are driving organizations of all types and sizes can be found in organization-environment relationships, the organizational life cycle, and the political nature of organizations.
• Question 7 The decision to construct a new overseas plant can be considered to be a(n) __________.
• Question 8 Which of the following, refers to altruistic love?
• Question 9 __________ is intentional and occurs as a result of specific efforts by a change agent.
• Question 10 Another name for incremental change is __________.

• Question 11 To begin understanding an organization’s culture, it is often easiest to start with __________.

• Question 12 To many researchers and managers, shared common values lie at the heart of organizational __________. • Question 13 The issues concerned with __________ are tasks to be accomplished, methods used to achieve the goals, and methods of coping with success and failure....

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...Final Exam BUS520/Leadership and Organizational Behavior • Define leadership. Discuss the reasons as to why leadership plays a critical role in the field of Organizational Behavior. Compare and contrast the following leadership theories/styles: 1. Trait Theory 2. Path Goal Theory 3. Transformational Leadership 4. Autocratic Leadership Leadership is the process of influencing others and the process of facilitating individual and collective efforts to accomplish shared objectives (Schermehorn, Osborn, Uhl-Bien, Hunt 12th Edition 2012). In our day-to-day life, leadership can be viewed as either actual or potential. Leadership is an important function of management, which helps to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals. A leader is a person who starts the work by communicating the policies and plans to the employees from where the work actually starts. A leader proves to be playing an incentive role in motivating employees with economic and non-economic rewards. A leader not only supervises but also plays guiding role for all employees to help them perform effectively and efficiently. Strong leaders have the ability to encourage and nurture those that report to them. They are also able to delegate in such a way, as people will grow. Leaders are looked at as role models that lead by example. ...

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