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Busi 310 Quiz 1

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Busi 310 Quiz 1

Managerial Roles
Tasks a manager is expected to perform based on the position he or she holds in the organization

Transformational Leader
Inspires followers to achieve organizational goals

Transactional Leader
Clarifies Follower role and task requirements
The managerial role of the figurehead, leader, or liaison

Total Responsibility Management
Groups that balance the demand for greater profits while remaining environmentally sensitive

Referent Power
The display of admirable characteristics that others seek to possess

Responsible for using resources to increase performance and profits

Autocratic Manager
Makes a decision and then informs the group about the decision

The ability to influence others and is dependent upon whether the leader possess that which followers seek

Organizational Management
Applying general principles of systematic planning and problem solving to direct and supervise an organization

Act as a change agents within the organization and can be classified as either Transformational or Transactional

Observe from the sidelines and disengage from their leaders and their organizations

Expert Power
Power an individual has when they possess a special knowledge, skill, or ability that others lack

Interpersonal and technical skill

The development of goals, which leads to the development of an overall strategy for achieving those goal

Functional Structure
The structuring of groups together that perform similar duties

Emotional Intelligence
The ability of an individual to detect emotional cues and adapt his or her feelings and behaviors accordingly

The managerial role of entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator or negotiator

Democratic Manager
Asks for input from others prior...

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