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Gabriela Valdes
Business Plan
“Sophisticated Winery”

Executive Summary The proposed small premium winery will be located in downtown Miami, Florida. Annual production will begin at 1,850 cases in year one and increase to 9,250cases in year five. The winery will produce the following four vinifera varietals: PinotNoir, Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, and Riesling. The majority of the wine will be sold out of the tasting room, but as production increases we will utilize other distribution channels (high-end restaurants and wine shops) to reach customers. The key to the winery's success will be its high quality vinifera wine. Research shows that consumers are drinking more expensive and higher quality wines, and the proposed winery will capitalize on these consumption trends. Few wineries in Miami focus exclusively on vinifera varietals, and doing so will differentiate us from local competitors. The following table summarizes the amount of money needed each year to establish the proposed small, premium winery. The money will be used to construct the winery and tasting room, purchase the necessary winemaking equipment, and cover the annual operating expenses.

Year | Year Amount of money needed | Year 0 | $ 690,042 | Year 1 | $ 630,150 | Year 2 | $267,818 | Year 3 | $154,257 | Year 4 | $1,545 |
Total over four years $ 1,734,812
Company Description
I am entering the wine business because of my love of wine, winemaking, and the
Winemaker lifestyle. I have visited a few winery places and the environment and service it’s outstanding. I need to carry out my dream of owning and operating my own small premium winery.
The proposed winery will be located in downtown Miami. There are a number of successful wineries in the Miami metropolitan area, but, the majority of these Wineries focus on making wines from native varieties and French-American hybrids.…...

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