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Household incomes in New Zealand:
Trends in indicators of inequality and hardship
1982 to 2012

Prepared by Bryan Perry

Ministry of Social Development

July 2013

ISBN 978-0-478-33569-9 (Print)

ISBN 978-0-478-33570-5 (Online)
Changes since last report

• The report is updated with findings based on the 2011-12 Household Economic Survey (referred to as the 2012 HES).

• Information on poverty rates by highest household educational qualification has been added.

• The international comparisons are updated with the latest available data (usually 2010 or 2011), and expanded to include the share ratio for the top decile compared with the bottom decile plus more detail on the income share of those receiving high or very high incomes.

• A special section is included which upgrades and updates the New Zealand information in a recent OECD report on the impact of the Global Financial Crisis on household incomes across OECD countries.

• The material hardship section (Section K) has been strengthened.

Next report

• The next report is scheduled for mid 2014 based on the 2012-13 HES. (The timing is dependent on the availability of the HES data.)

Availability on MSD website

• This report and previous ones are available on the MSD website:


• 16 July 2013: Some references omitted in the original paper copy version are now added to the Reference list, some minor edits to Section E, pp93-97, and a minor correction at Key Findings #5.

This report adopts a common short-hand convention for...

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