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Cale Bruckner has taken an innovative approach to market a highly popular jump start to people’s day. JavaNet Internet Café is a business project that will offer quality coffee and bakery products along with Internet access in Eugene, Oregon that has a potential to reach customers worldwide. Carl Bruckner has created a way to attract people who might drink coffee at home, work, or school into JavaNet Internet Café. These products will be presented in an innovative and upscale atmosphere. JavaNet Internet Café’ will offer educational resources that will help customers gain a better understanding of online resources. After reading the business plan for JavaNet Internet Café a SWOT analysis was created. This analysis represents the business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
JavaNet has a valuable list of strengths that will help it flourish. The business plan is well laid out and provides a sound development for the future of the company. JavaNet has gone above standard expectations to find a staff that is knowledgeable and friendly. While serving fresh cappuccinos and hot espresso, JavaNet has also provided advanced equipment that is up to date. Mr. Buckner has recognized the consumer needs that while a person may be drinking their coffee, or enjoying their breakfast, they are also checking e-mails and surfing the Internet. Customers can enjoy flat-screen display monitors, speedy machines, and quality printers. The advanced technology adds to the ambiance of the environment. There are booths and hideaways that allow private meetings and friendly get-togethers. JavaNet has employed staff that is experienced and has a desire for teaching. “How-to” classes are provided in a forum for larger meetings that teaches their customers how to use the Internet. JavaNet has an understanding of their market needs and has what it takes to continue to build a fashionable Internet Café. The strengths of JavaNet are important, but it is also vital to realize the weaknesses the café must address.
JavaNet Internet Café may be underestimating the day-to-day activities required for running the café. It is not clear as to what measures are in place to monitor the efficiency of the business. Mr. Bruckner has indicated that he is to make all of the management decisions, which leaves out the three investor’s voices. This decision may indicate that Mr. Bruckner is not open to suggestions or ideas that could benefit the business. Technology is continually advancing and evolving. As new information is coming out, JavaNet will need to keep up with the needs and costs. There is a cost-factor that JavaNet will need to take into consideration with the upkeep of up-to-date technology. Quality of products and goods also need to be considered. This can be an expensive undertaking that needs to be balanced with other aspects of the café, not one aspect of the company taking away from another. There are other threats that can pose problems in the future to JavaNet.
The threat to the concept of integrating a coffee shop into a café with Internet access could become very popular among competitors. Customers are loyal to particular brands and quality of products they use, which is the expectation JavaNet has for their customers. The quality of products and enhanced atmosphere would need to be offered consistently to have the upper hand on JavaNet’s potential competition. JavaNet also has to think about the flow of traffic from their customers in regard to Internet use. According to the Internet World Stats, “78.6% of North America uses the internet” (http://www.internet [Internet] This could lead to the decrease in cost of Internet access to the average American through their home and mobile data plans. Because of the increase in Internet usage by consumers, this also opens up emerging opportunities for JavaNet Internet Café.
The Internet brings people together from all over the world. The importance of the Internet almost equals that of the telephone years ago. As the need for technology increases, so does the need for service that the café offers. JavaNet will capitalize on this trend by offering a place for communities to meet in person. JavaNet can grow these communities by offering chat areas and community programs. Each of these outreach programs are to help enhance and build customer loyalty. The food industry is constantly reinventing itself and designing effective business models. JavaNet has compared itself to the market and realizes that consumers are looking for something new and improved.
With the right leadership and direction, JavaNet has the potential to reach out to a large consumer base all over Eugene, OR, as well as nationwide. Offering quality coffee and food products, they can establish customer loyalty and relationships. The café shows dedication in making an impact on the community. The innovative and upscale environment is sure to keep this company flourishing and prosperous.
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