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Business Analsyis, Apple Inc,

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Business Analysis II, Apple Inc., Dell Inc., & Microsoft Corp.
Cheryl Alcantara Online Main/MGT 521 Jason Miller July 17, 2011
Business Analysis II, Apple Inc., Dell Inc., & Microsoft Corp.
Cheryl Alcantara Online Main/MGT 521 Jason Miller July 17, 2011

Technology includes items like the telephone and computer. “The computer is capable of handling precisely quantified information much higher speed than the unaided human” (3 International conference Promoting Business Ethics) and can be “compiled and processed by a computer is quite beyond the ability of any human to digest” (the effects of Technology on Business, 2011, p.1). “Looking at product technology we could say that engineers and researchers have with time improved upon the processes for researching and applying new technologies in creation of new products that meet customers needs and demands” (Zayas-Quinones. 2006, p.1). Examples of how technology affects processes, is global business and the tool of technologies by “hardware, software, databases and telecommunication” (Zayas-Quinone’s, 2006, p.1) and the processes in different areas. Technical advances are made through globalization in business such as using telecommunications through “local, wide and global scale private networks and even that public artery” (Lippers, et. al, 2006, p.1). The integration of a systems and support operations include gender and nationality. The use of language, function and social groups is the necessary “to develop an apply a common metric of technology performance provides a substantial challenge both within and between groups” (Lippert, et. al, 2007, p.57. challenging different value systems, judgments, evaluations among people who use technology on a daily use given way to different orientation in an important competitive global firm. These aids in making new partnerships and “requires not only developing, implementing and maintaining a consistent technology” (Lippert, et. al., 2007, p.57) to effectively manage users of technology and the differences of culture. There is a rise of manufacturing and servicing businesses worldwide along with the use of technology that is new in the work environment, which makes an important aspect of “creating and maintain organizational productivity and competiveness” (Lippert, et. al., 2007, p.57). Through the use of control and coordination in a diverse system it drives the globalization for these systems to function and effectively work through the integration these networks with, “the concept of globalization in business practice has infiltrated the use and management of technologies” (Lippert, 2007, p.57). Business globalization of IT is “the use of technology across cultural boundaries, including country, region, industry, geography, and social demography we call Internet” (Zayas-Quinones, 2006, p.1). These forms through communication enable technologies. Technology that consists of hardware plays an important role for the need of computers as desktops and laptops to “high –end servers to host electronics storefronts and warehouses”(Zayas-Quinones, 2006, p.1). Other essential needs for applying data through application is the software that creates “efficient operating systems” (Zayas-Quinones, 2006, p.1) and web hosting the importance of hardware and software. Certain information that has been made to manage and facilitate is used by workers and business organization of many nations and culture (Lippert, 2007, p. 57). Along with value and responsibility with performance of activities. New influences of these technologies, gives somewhat of a level of difficulty to their job. Factors such as the performance of technology use, is for businesses is an important tool to manage a more effective influence and manage systems that are new to the culture of nation. The founders of Apple, is Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. “Apple Inc. is an American Multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer, software and personal computers” (Wikipedia, 2011, p.1). It was made in 1976 in Cupertino, California and “has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry” (Wikipedia, 2011, p.1). Apple generated more capital than any IPO since 1956 and created many millionaires than any company I history” (Wikipedia, 2011, p.1) Apple’s revenue is in 2011 is $65.23 billion, it’s operating income is $18.39 United States, billions and its profits and assets are $75.18 billion and the equity is U.S. $47.7 a billion. Apple has 49,4000 employees. The financial analysis of apple “provides an insight on the business segments in which the company operates as well as its subsidiaries and some of the key executives of that company” (WooFB, 2011, July 16, 2011, p.1).” The financial report also “provides a future perspective of the company and its growth prospects” (WooEB, 2011, p.1) “It is an analysis that provides the numerical decision making tool for the investor which tool for the investor which is objective as well as globally accepted” (WooEB, 2011, p.1). Globalization is important for businesses to expand their global footprints either by investing or by mergers and acquisitions. (WooEB, 2011). The helps businesses go in the right direction for profits and greater returns invested capital. Apple’s shares were for $122.50 and its public offering stock $2.75. Apple’s main competitors in “computers hardware include Dell Inc. Microsoft Corporation and Hewlett-Packard Co., “Microsoft shifter from it’s annual dividend by $.01 and pay $1.10 quarterly dividends to its shareholders” and HP has been paying this same dividend of $.08 every quarter. Apple products are offered to government and business customers, professionals, consumers and education, they offer computer products and supplies. Analyzing the financial data for Apple and Dell provides the financial performance for both companies. Dell is another organizing in the same market industry Dell was found in 1984 and its headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. Their idea is to sell the computer directly to customers, and this company “provides the best solutions to meet customers needs” (Lin, 2005, p.3) Dell also offers a wide range of products for computing, software and television. Also, Dell provides services such as consultation, IT management and application and infrastructure design. Dell also offers financial services and is “favored by large corporate, government, healthcare, and education accounts, as well as small-to-medium business and individual customers, because of its operating efficiency” (Lin, 2005, p.3). Needs and support are for customers with the best prices. Both Apple and Dell had “strong ROI above market average of %12%, “ Lin, 2005, p.4). Both companies “gave investors much higher return comparing to the average market share. (Lin, 2005, p.3). Apple’s growth in sales is stronger from the Year 2004 and 2005, from its IPOD sales compared to Dell’s sales of $18.72 but assets and revenue is bigger as Apple’s Net Income that fell slightly short of 0.67% from Dell. The gross margin and Net Margin of the percentage of Net Sales for Apple and Dell in which Apple’s Gross Margin of 29.02% is higher compared to 18.32% from that of Dell’s. Dell Inc. has a lower selling price because of the nature of business. The sales of IPOD “had given, Apple the edge to enable, higher selling price mix and this is why the gross margin is higher with Apple headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA that develops, manufacturers, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services” (Wikipedia, 2011, p.1). That is related to computing and various products offered. Microsoft Windows was released in 1984. Microsoft Office and windows & “focus was on refining Vista with Ease of use features and performance enhancements rather than a large reworking of Windows. (Wikipedia, 2011, p.1) Microsoft’s assets are at $41 billion as compared to only $8.5 is unsecured debt. Apple surpassed Microsoft, in Q1 2011 in quarterly profit because a slow down in sales of personal computers. Microsoft’s profits were $5.2 billion while Apple Inc. profits were $6 billion, with its revenues of 14.5 billion and 24.7 billion respectively. Microsoft received its silver certificate from the “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design program in 2008 (Wikipedia, 2011, p.1) Apple’s “goal is to always stay two years ahead of the competition” (Bajarin, 2011, p.1). Apple has a vision for customers for what they want from 2 to 5 years. Also, Apple has “changed the course of smart phone history and seems to raise the bar” (Bajarin, 2011, p.1) Apple has a strategic advantage with other competitors with innovation. Microsoft/Intel has advanced the consumer’s users experience. Apple has found that more attention is needed for the customers in the advancements of technology. Apple also has a strategic advantage with $60 billion cash in the bank. An example is the $500 million purchases of Apple flash memory. Through Apple’s 110 stores in the world they attract millions of people and “this too sets the apart from the competitors and adds to their strategic market advantage” (20.11, p.1) Apple has topped Microsoft’s in revenue and the profit margin. Apple has “significant lead in the smartphone race, capturing 15.7 of the worldwide market last year, compared with just 4.2 for Microsoft” (Machil, 2011, p.1). “Apple is still gaining on Microsoft and has been successful. The Mobile Internet such as apple’s/Apple’s IOS-based devices and leads in the category in the accounting for 42%, 2011. (Botts, 2010, p.1). Apple has “used a very aggressive advertising campaign that resulted in considerable growth of OS X’s share of Internet usage” (Bott’s, 2011, p.1) It percentage rose from 3.45% in 2008 which is more than 5% last year. Apple is the leader in the mobile category with usage for 42% of traffic from sources that are mobile. Apple Inc. has globalized worldwide with goals “to assist consultants, financial managers, strategic planner, and corporate officers in gauging indicators of Apple Computer Incorporated’s financial and human resource structure’ (Apple Computer Inc., 2011, p1). Analyses, of Apple Inc., against the competitive firms in the Electronic Computers industry are, worldwide, where reports are statements ratio, labor productive, and utilization measures. Globalization of this market is a greater competition in foreign areas, and reducing the barriers to entry. Benchmarking is an indicator for the financial aspects of Apple on a worldwide basis. Management of Apple uses accounting, project management, time management, job costing, and asset management. A large corporation helps managers, to control different departments while (Mac Rumors, 2011). Management can move forward “in business and economic development to help businesses to meet client’s needs” (Red Apple, Inc., 2009). Apple is the number 1 in innovation and creativity and has innovation in products, innovative in the business model, customer experience and leadership. Apple earnings is 3 times that of the average Standard and Poor’s 500. (Apple Innovation, 2011). Apple processes can lower the price on units release a new, improved units, and can create a variations with technical specs that are current. Create new price points with low cost components and any competition above to raise its revenues. Apple implements its version with a lot leverage and strategy (Francis, 2009).
As for Dell Inc., they are committed to developing the workforce and helping people such as employees reach their professional and personal best. “Apple’s PC’s outnumber, Macs in the general public and on campus” (University of Wisconsin). Dell’s Price for a laptop is $750.00 and $1099.00 for the apple 13 in Macbook. (Meridith, 2010. “The Mac is a good resource for the budding Musician presentation maker and professional marketer while Dell is best suited for general business and basic home use” (Meridith, 2010, p.1) In the 1990’as Apple almost folded but this organization “has been almost phoenix like in its rise from the ashes of its form self. Apple is how one of the major players in mobile technology, thanks to the Iphone and IPAD”. Apple passed Microsoft’s “value to become the new king of tech” (Bleeker. 2010, p.1). Since Apple’s Iphone, they have a potential to see 40 million.” Apple’s Market Cap is now $240 billion, while Microsoft, yesterday bearer, is setting at $235 billion” (Bleeker, 2010, p., 1). Apple likes to ensure that the organization is constantly innovating and should be a great influence to create innovation is culture. “Another great thing that Apple does is it creates products that are easy to acquire, learn and integrate into one’ daily life in should period of time” (Sara, West 44, 2009). Apple keeps customers elected with its products and they educate customers. To get the maximum satisfaction from its products. Microsoft’s market cap is around $400 billion 10 years ago but Apple has passed Microsoft in Market Cap is between Apple and Microsoft Cap is between Apple and Microsoft is approximately $100 billion”. Apple is currently valued at $301 billion Microsoft is $200.3 billion and Dell $29.3 billion. (Financial Bin, 2011). Apple is nearly worth more than Microsoft, HP and Dell combined. I think that Apple Incorporated is a great product as I have a IMac for myself, it helps me to learn in school and, I can do personal business like shopping for items on the Internet. I like using my computer because I can make and store much information on it. I can take notes and do some reading. I think it is a great investment plus my kids love it as well. I like using the I mac because I think that it is fast and it is nice because of the computer screen and the color is pretty. I think that my kids love using the computer because it is user friendly and they can use it to listen to music. The I Mac is a nice item to purchase but I think that the Mac book is convenient to bring with you to school or any locations for Internet connection. I would recommend it, to a friend or family

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