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Business Analysis for Business Decisions Case Study

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1. Income | Interest in Video | Amount Willing to Pay | V54 | V43 | V53 | $20,000 - $29,999 | 1.29 | $2.47 | $30,000 - $39,999 | 1.57 | $5.00 | $40,000 - $49,999 | 3.00 | $8.00 | $50,000 - $59,999 | 3.15 | $11.85 | $60,000 - $69,999 | 4.27 | $18.36 | $70,000 - $79,999 | 5.54 | $24.77 | $80,000 - $89,999 | 5.78 | $29.94 | $90,000 - $99,999 | 7.00 | $30.20 |

Based on the data, Bobzien and Rose are correct. Individuals with higher income are more likely to be interested in a video about potential honeymoon destinations, and willing to pay more for such videos. Referencing the chart above, you can see that the interest in the video and the amount willing to pay as the income range increases. In fact, there is a positive correlation between income, interest and willingness to pay. Those that make at least $90,000 are willing to pay $30 for the video, while those making less than $20,000 are only willing to pay $2.47.

2. Income | Locations | | HI | CA | FL | POC | BAH | BER | JAM | VI | AK | EUR | MEX | CRU | V54 | V1 | V2 | V3 | V4 | V5 | V6 | V7 | V8 | V9 | V10 | V11 | V12 | $25,000 - $69,000 | 55% | 49% | 36% | 51% | 64% | 69% | 42% | 49% | 51% | 45% | 53% | 40% | $70,000 - $92,000 | 89% | 19% | 17% | 28% | 92% | 86% | 28% | 83% | 31% | 39% | 92% | 28% |

Since Bobzien and Rose are interested in seeing if the top half of income levels nationwide have different interests than those with lower incomes, the data has been divided into two categories; those making between $25,000 and $69,000 and those making between $70,000 and $92,000. Looking at the data, it is apparent that 89% of the individuals in the higher income bracket are interested in Hawaii, while only 55% of the lower income bracket is interested. If we look at the Poconos, 51% of the lower income bracket is interested, while only 28% of the higher income bracket is...

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