Business Analysis Part Lll

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Business Analysis Part III

Diana Thomas

University of Phoenix


June 19, 2012

Roberto Guzman


In continuation with my Business Analysis on Starbucks this week, I will review the strategic initiative that Starbucks has taken to adapt in the changing market. I will examine how the recent economic trend as affected the business, how they used or could use a strategy for adapting to the changing market with the recession going on. I introduce tactics that Starbucks has implemented or could implement to achieve their goals. I will also include a section on how their human resources management plays an important role in making sure Starbucks achieves their goals. In the end I will make my final decision whether or not, I want to invest my money into Starbucks Corporation. There will be a review on the analysis from my last two papers that I did and will show support for my conclusion.

Business Analysis Part III

Because of the recession Starbucks has had to make many changes to keep itself in the competitive market while trying to retain the authenticity of its brand. The Corporation has had to make some adjustments to its upscale formula to address a growing demand for a high quality product at an affordable price. Starbucks has to conform to keep their existing customers by outlining a twofold growth strategy, first to focus on profits in their existing stores and by making a new strategic investment in key initiatives (Barnes, 2011).

Starbucks prides itself by offering more than just a cup of coffee, they pride themselves in offering their customers a good experience while there. They include a friendly, knowledgeable baristas that serves a superiror coffee in an atmosphere where customers are allowed to socialize, relawork on their laptop…...